7 Social networks that died

January 3, 2019 0 By Phyllis Leonard
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We know that technology advances so fast every day, what is a trend today, tomorrow is a thing of the past. This is how the world moves and we have to accept it. This is how social networks are, at one time MySpace, Metroflog, skurt, among others, were a trend, but now when we talk about social networks we always hear Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc. 

But you knew that there were other social networks besides those that you already know, here we tell you what the ancestors of our social networks are: 

1. Hi5: 

Hi5 was a boom in 2003, but with the arrival of Facebook that’s over. And as I arrived, he left quickly. At the moment it is a semi platform of games. 

2. Orkut: 

Was like a Facebook platform that had a brief popularity in some Latin American countries, but due to the slowness it was not very easy to use, so it just died. 

3. Metroflog: 

This was a photo blog service where a user could sign the photos of another user and customize the site. He was famous in Latin America, managing to surpass Fotolog in 2008. But he also died, because he did not offer an interaction between users. 

4. Friendster: 

Before MySpace, this social network existed. It was the first social network of all, recognized and with a great push that made even Google want to buy it through thirty million dollars in shares. But because it was focused more and more among teenagers in Asia, it opened space for the market to Facebook and MySpace. 

5. Digg: 

This is a social network that is very similar to the way of working, in its functions, but it died due to the competition that it had and that the sharing oration was not as easy as in other social networks. 

6. Google Wave: 

Most of Google’s social networks are failed. And Google Wave is one of them. It worked well as a platform for work and communication in real time. But he could not grow. 

7. Delicious: 

This is a platform where interesting content was shared. But he ended up sinking due to his failures, he never finished fixing his problems, he sold himself to large corporations and in the process there was not much competition that he could not overcome. 

This is the compilation of the seven social networks that you’ve never known or if you did, who knows, we only know that now new social networks will come to replace Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And it will be so easy and surprising that we will not even notice.